IC Katalog Online

IC_Katalog ONLINE programme

IC_Katalog ONLINE is the main tool for communication among Inter Cars and wholesale customers. It helps to search spare parts and order them through internet. Moreover, the  programme can be used for many additional operations taking place in workshops like preparing price estimates based on repair times data.

IC_Katalog ONLINE downloads all the data from a modern cloud computing system to work more comfortably, with no need of inconvenient update of data on a daily basis. This means a fully up-to-date list of vehicles, access to innovations and new items, as well as up-to-date wholesale prices and stock levels.

Of course, in order to work, the programme needs internet access.

How much bandwidth does IC_Katalog ONLINE need?

The wider the broadband the faster the programme works. 

But IC_Katalog ONLINE has been tested using even 500kbps download broadband, so it does not require very wide internet broadband connection.

What Operating System does the programme require?

As for now, the programme is supported only in Windows environment. Windows XP SP3 and newer versions along with WIN 10 are supported.